Save the Date: Gymkhana For Heart Valve Disease with AEPOVAC – 8 September, Madrid

July 24, 2018

Heart valve disease is still very much unknown amongst the Spanish population and this is especially amongst those who are 60 years of age or older - the age group facing the highest risk of being diagnosed with this disease.

As part of our efforts to increase awareness of heart valve disease for the first European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day, while still having fun, we are organising a Gymkhana for Heart Valve Disease for participants who are in the 60+ age range. The gymkhana will consist of six stations in a circuit providing a mixture of both informative and physical trials.

Do you know how many heart valves we have? Do you know the nationality of the person that invented the stethoscope? How many rings can you get in the basket? These are some of the quiz questions and trials you will have to pass and at the end of the course all successful participants will be awarded with a prize!

The Gymkhana will take place in Madrid at Parque de Santander, Centro de Ocio y Deportes (Campos de fútbol del Canal). and all the participants will be presented with a European Heart Valve Disease Logo that they can proudly wear. In addition to the Gymkhana circuit, guests will have the opportunity to speak to some of our physicians and nurses on hand to answer any questions and will be providing to stethoscope checks to anyone who is interested.

Please Join us on the Saturday 8th September 10:00 am – 12:30pm!